Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Flickr Favorites

But for a woodpecker 
tapping at a post, no sound 
at all in the house

Last tuesday Artmind wrote about the Flickr explore pictures 
I never heard of those before. So for today's mosaic I decided to take a look. The first picture I found was a beautiful image of old houses in Monschau, a beautiful  little town  close to where I live. And since I'm in a "houses mood" (see also my last blog post), I looked for other houses...and this is the result.

1. ~~"Monschau" a tiny, cute village in Germany  (on explore), 2. Marshall Park - Charlotte, NC, 3. Urban Textures, 4. hotel work

For more Flickr favorites, head over to Artmind's blog.


  1. I´m a house person... I don´t feel connected with appartements...

  2. Great theme indeed! This reminds me about travelling and getting to know other countries culture and architecture... I'm dreaming already!

  3. great mosaic! makes me reflecting about how people are influenced by architecture ....

  4. Stunning mosaic! So different kind of places to live...

  5. Amazing mosaic.. Love the contrast between these images :)))

  6. Lovely mosaic! Explore was quite a discovery for me, too!

  7. such a cool mosaic! Love it, Erna! Why didn't I know about your meet up with Kim? LOL :)
    Next time, invite me too please! :)

  8. Mitsy, you can come any time!!